Home inspections with drones are becoming more common. By using these unmanned aircraft, an inspector is able to examine inaccessible areas of a building’s exterior. Drones in home inspections reduce risk in inspections, providing high-resolution images of difficult-to-access areas.

Drones in Home Inspections Provide a Better Report

Here are four ways that drones collect valuable data about the condition of a property.

1. Inspect Steeply Elevated Roofs

Not all roofs are flat or gently elevated. Some homes feature turrets, towers, dormers, and other steeply pitched architectural designs. Relying upon a drone to assist the inspection process in these locations helps provides accurate information about the condition of these features. Without a drone, the inspector would not be able to inspect certain areas on the roof.

2. Identify Roof Damage Quickly

Drones perform a useful service by capturing an overview of the roof’s condition. A drone helps detect roof damage relatively quickly. An aerial drone helps inspectors diagnose visible roof problems.

3. Drones in Home Inspections Reduce Roof Accidents

Using drones in home inspections helps promote safety. Roof damage may contribute to a weakened or sagging roof. By using a drone to screen the roof first, a home inspector can get an idea of the safety of the structure. A badly damaged roof may be at risk of collapsing. If the inspector cannot safely walk across an unstable rooftop, a drone can be used to gather information.

4. Obtain Panoramic Aerial Images

Drones are an efficient tool for capturing aerial images of real estate, particularly in rural areas. A bird’s eye view of the landscape yields valuable information about the layout of the property and the condition of outbuildings.

Drones in home inspections enable inspectors to observe steeply pitched roofs and difficult-to-navigate roofing features. Drones help identify roof damage and reduce accidents caused by collapsing sections of roofs. Drones can also provide aerial views of property more effectively and affordably than cranes, airplanes, or helicopters.

Peconic Home Inspections offers home inspections with the option of aerial drone photography if the roof is unsafe to walk. If you’re buying or selling a home in Long Island, contact us to book an inspection.