In many households, the garage becomes a storage place for belongings that aren’t kept in the home. From golf clubs to ice coolers and garden tools to footballs, these are things that often end up in the garage. If your garage is cluttered and it’s becoming difficult to find things you need, here are a few helpful ideas for garage storage.

You can enjoy a clean, well-organized garage and still have room to park your car. Here are some useful storage solutions.

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Maximizing the use of otherwise unused space is a great way to store items that are not often needed. Strong metal racks can be mounted high on the walls or ceiling to hold boxes of seasonal decor and clothing. Some ceiling racks come with hooks that can be used to store bikes or other equipment beneath the rack.

Bikes are awkward to store on the floor and can easily be knocked over. A ceiling lift allows the bike to be raised and lowered on a pulley system. These are not only a great storage solution for bikes, but also ideal for kayaks, surfboards, and ladders.

Metal Pegboard for Wall Storage

A metal pegboard made from reinforced steel is an ideal solution for storing tools. Pegboard allows for a wide variety of storage options. There are shelves, bins, and hooks that can be rearranged to accommodate tools and smaller items like screws and nails. Metal pegboard is strong, durable, and simple to install. It is also adaptable enough that you can store craft supplies, car-care projects, and gardening gear.

Garage Storage: Install a Tool Rack

If you need storage for shovels, racks, and clippers, a wall rack with built-in hooks is a great solution. Keep garden tools off the floor when you hang them on the wall. Clips are available that securely support long-handled tools and store them safely out of the way.

Ball Bin

If you have a family of sports enthusiasts, you might often trip over footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, or volleyballs on the floor. Purchase or build a bin for their storage. These ball bins are made from a wooden frame with netting around the outside. Kids will be able to reach in and grab what they need on the way to a game.

Garage Storage Ideas: Shelving

Metal shelving combined with plastic bins is a great way to organize things that are stored in the garage. The bins provide some protection from moisture and pests. Choose clear bins to see what’s inside or use labels to mark the contents.

Set aside time to clean and organize your garage. By finding ways to store your belongings, you’ll reduce clutter and create a functional space.

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