Homeowners can easily improve home security with technology and some low-tech strategies. Many of these projects are perfect for the DIYer while some of them might require you to get some assistance. No matter what you opt for, taking the time to install home security measures will give you and your family peace of mind, and it may even lower your home insurance!

1. Install Deadbolt Locks to Improve Home Security

Make sure all exterior doors are equipped with a deadbolt lock. These are sturdier than a typical lock and are tough to break. Another option to improve home security is a programmable doorknob. Once installed, you do not have to hide a key outside or share spare keys with others. Only trusted family and friends who know the code can open the door, and you can reprogram it at any time.

2. Lights Help for Better Home Security

Motion-sensing exterior lights will help keep visitors safe and improve home security by warding off intruders. The best locations for these lights are the front and back door, the driveway, and on each side of the home. After installing your lights, test them at night to see if they illuminate the darker areas. Make sure the light does not bother your neighbors. If the lights are reaching beyond your property, simply adjust the angle.

If you work at night or go on vacation, set timers on some interior lights so it looks like someone is at home during the evening hours. These devices are sold online and at hardware and electronics stores. Some models plug directly into the wall, and then you simply plug the light fixture directly into the timer.

For an additional deterrent to improve home security while you are away, turn on a radio and tune it to a talk radio program or news channel so that it sounds like people are inside the home. Before leaving, step outside and make sure you can hear soft sounds.

3. Landscaping

When considering ways to improve home security, take a walk around your yard. Plants or bushes directly below any ground-floor windows might be just enough to stop some criminals. You do not want your landscaping to hide too much of your property from the street. While privacy is important, do not allow hedges to create long, dark spaces around your home’s exterior. Darker areas with shadows are the perfect places for thieves to hide.

4. Automobile Safety

If possible, put your cars in the garage at night. If you do not have a garage or are unable to park in it, be sure to always lock your vehicles. Sometimes just loose change or a stray envelope can catch the eye of a burglar. Set the motion sensor lights to activate if someone walks near the cars in your driveway.

5. Improve Home Security with Technology

Smart doorbells with security cameras allow you to view your front porch even while you are gone. These devices connect to your cell phone and most can be easily installed by homeowners.

Place Wi-Fi security cameras around your home and download the app to your mobile device so you’ll get alerts whenever there is motion. Some of the models are wireless and can be set in a window to watch the front of your home or entryway. If you have the budget, check out more robust monitored systems that may require you to hire an electrician or a professional installer.

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