Kitchen organization can be challenging, especially when you have limited storage. Here are 5 tips for organizing your kitchen that will make the space more functional and user-friendly.

Kitchen Organization for Pots and Pans

Pots and pans take up a lot of room in cabinets and drawers, so a good storage solution is to hang them overhead. Hang pot racks with hooks from the ceiling joists for storing pans, pots, strainers, and other kitchen tools. Using the ceiling for storage saves valuable space in your kitchen cabinets.

Find Storage for Small Appliances

You don’t need to keep every one of your small appliances out on your counter. Chances are, you don’t use most of them each day. It makes sense to leave out your coffee maker if you use it every morning, but if you only use your crockpot a few times per month, find a better place to store it. Keep rarely used small appliances in a hallway closet or even a shelf in the garage.

Hooks Inside Cabinets

Are your measuring cups and spoons cluttering up a drawer? A better storage solution is hanging them from hooks on the inside of a cabinet door. Arrange them from smallest to largest for better kitchen organization.

Secure Kitchen Towels with Velcro

If you hang kitchen towels from the oven’s handle, they may slip off easily. Sew a set of velcro onto the inside of the towel so the towels stay in place.

Stemware Rack for Kitchen Organization

Stemware is difficult to store because it is more fragile than other glassware and more likely to get broken when you have it in a cabinet along with pint glasses and mugs. Save space and protect your wine glasses by installing a rack on the underside of an above-counter cabinet. The glasses will safely hang upside down.

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