Termites are some of the most destructive pests to buildings. The cost of treating an infestation and repairing the damage they inflict can be thousands of dollars. That’s why preventing termites in the home should be a high priority. Here are 4 tips for termite prevention.

Remove Soil and Mulch From Against Your Home

Subterranean termites emerge from colonies in the soil around your home. They are intolerant to dry conditions and cannot survive without moisture. To protect themselves, they seek sources of wood to eat that keep them from being exposed to the elements.

When you have wooden components of your home that are in contact with the soil (or even just near it), termites are more likely to get into your house. Keep soil and mulch away from porches, siding, and the foundation. Termites even build mud tunnels across non-wood materials, so watch for these and remove them if you see them. Call a termite inspector if you spot mud tubes around your home.

Limiting Food Sources is Key to Preventing Termites in the Home

The wood in your home is the primary target for termites. If you leave any type of wood around your yard, it will support the growth of the colony and lead them to infest your home.

Simple cleanup is the solution. Old firewood should be used or hauled away, as should any scraps of lumber from construction projects. Replace wooden edging used for landscaping with brick or stone, and have rotten tree stumps removed. Watch these areas for signs of termite infestations.

Preventing Termites in the Home With Maintenance

Every homeowner should have a good maintenance routine. Many problems are very easy to prevent with some attention. Preventing termites in the home is no exception.

We’ve already noted the importance of moisture for termites, so maintain dry conditions in and around your home. Make sure that runoff from walkways, driveways, and downspouts is properly routed away from the foundation. Keep the gutters cleared so that they can direct rainwater away from the house. Keep shrubs trimmed around the house to help keep the soil dry.

Avoid Materials That Attract Termites

A neatly-mulched landscape is a beautiful feature for any home, but precautions must be made for preventing termites in the home.

Choose products that will assist you in preventing termites in the home. Rock or ornamental gravel works best, but other materials like rubber mulch are preferable to real mulch. Pine needles provide a soft, natural look without encouraging termites.

Repurposed materials like old barn lumber are popular for use around the home, but they may be infested with termites. If you procure such materials for your home, carefully inspect them for termites and termite damage.

Termites are a serious threat to your home, so it is vital that you use good prevention steps to keep them away.

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