The concrete surfaces outside of any home undergo a lot of wear and tear during the year. From oil drips during car repairs to the freeze-thaw cycle of the seasons reducing the integrity of the concrete, many different issues may develop over time. Here are tips to repair minor driveway problems and keep the surface in good shape.

The Driveway is Flaking or Discolored

Discoloration can occur due to contact with oil or chemicals in ice melt. Flaking may also happen for various reasons, including poor maintenance and damage from water freezing and thawing on the concrete. The best way to solve these driveway problems is by resurfacing it. This process will start with thoroughly cleaning the driveway. You’ll apply a resurfacing mixture that smooths the concrete, fills in cracks, and restores the material. For best results, hire a professional.

Repair Driveway Cracks

Cracking is a prevalent issue with all types of concrete surfaces. When water seeps into the driveway and expands when temperatures drop, it degrades the concrete. Repairing cracks up to a quarter-inch wide can be done with a color-coordinating concrete sealant. These products are available at your local hardware store.

Sunken Concrete Pavers

Some driveways are primarily composed of concrete pavers. While pavers are a great, versatile option, they can sink over time and create an uneven surface. However, because pavers are not set with mortar, it’s straightforward to fix this issue. Pull out the sunken pavers. Use all-purpose sand to raise the level. Then, replace the paver and make sure the surface is even again. If multiple pavers sunk, remove them all and redo that area at the same time.

Repair Driveway Problems: Broken Concrete

Concrete breaks, cracks, and crumbles for a variety of reasons. This is common with steps and walkways; it’s also a more common concrete driveway problem. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may be able to remove the affected area and replace it with structural repair concrete. This type of concrete is versatile and can be used to fill gaps and make your driveway polished and functional again.

Before repairing the broken area, thoroughly clean the concrete and prepare the surface based on the instructions on the product.

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