People are often concerned about their older family members living at home. Making a few adjustments will help to create a safer home for seniors. Take steps to prevent falls and improve mobility around the house. You’ll feel better knowing that your loved ones are comfortable and secure at home.

Install Grab Bars for a Safer Home

Grab bars are necessary to maintain a safe home for seniors. Install grab bars in places where seniors can use a little extra help standing up. You can also add these bars inside the shower to help prevent slipping. By giving an elderly person additional safety measures, many falls can be prevented.

Make Sure the Flooring is Safe for Seniors

Get rid of rugs that slide or carpets that may be a tripping hazard. Easy-to-clean, non-slip flooring is a good choice when working towards a safer home for seniors.

A Safer Home for Seniors Includes Good Lighting

As people get older, their eyesight may diminish. Poor lighting makes it even more difficult to see. Install extra lighting and use brighter light bulbs. Seniors can handle chores and spot hazards more easily if their living areas are well-lit. Motion detection lights are especially helpful. Bright lighting in every room helps make a safer home for seniors.

Widen Door Frames in the Home

As people age, they may need to use different devices to get around safely. Wheelchairs, walkers, and canes help a senior navigate independently. Widen doorways to allow wheelchairs and walkers to fit through easily.

To create a safer living space, install grab bars, use non-slip flooring options, add good lighting, and widen door frames. Many seniors want to be independent, and providing them with safety features around the home will make their lives easier.

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