Many people have transitioned to working from home and it can be a challenge when your house is small. Each room in your home likely already has a dedicated purpose. Here are 5 ideas for a small home office when you have limited space.

Fold-Down Desk for a Small Home Office

A fold-down desk is a great idea if the room you are using as your home office also doubles as a bedroom or living room. A desk that folds down from the wall isn’t always taking up space. When you aren’t working, fold the desk back up against the wall and secure it in place.

Store Files Electronically

If you have a job that requires dealing with a lot of paperwork, store files electronically if you are able instead of keeping hard copies. The same goes for most other non-work-related paperwork you want to save.

With limited space, it makes sense to keep all that information in a secure and backed-up hard drive instead of bulky filing cabinets. Set up a station for your printer and scanner so you can easily transfer files to a digital format.

Think About Lighting

For most office jobs, you spend most of the day in front of a computer. This can be hard on your eyes and harsh overhead lights only make it worse. Use soft white light bulbs in your home office. Even better, set up a few lamps instead of turning on the overhead lights. If you have windows, open the blinds and let natural light in. Lighting affects your mood and ability to focus.

A Small Home Office Under the Stairs

Some houses have an open space under the stairs that is often not used for anything. This could be the ideal location for a small home office. Place a small desk against the wall and add a chair and you have a tucked-away place to work that isn’t taking up additional space in the house.

Use Furniture on Wheels

Wheeled furniture is useful for a home office so that you can easily switch up the current configuration. Many office chairs and desks come with wheels that can be locked if you don’t want them to roll around. If your office is in a room that is also used for other things, you can simply roll your desk and chair out of the way when it’s not in use.

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