Springtime is here, which means warmer weather and more time spent outdoors. With longer days, it is a great time for you to get started on spring home maintenance. Here are a few outdoor projects to tackle now.

Easy Spring Home Maintenance Projects

Fertilize Your Lawn

After harsh winter weather, your lawn may need to recuperate. Fertilizing the grass during the spring with a high-nitrogen fertilizer will help feed, strengthen, and keep weeds away. Fertilizing your lawn is easy with a push-powered spreader. Check your local hardware store for the tools you need or call a professional to handle the job.

Examine Your Roof

Check your roof shingles to make sure there is no damage from the winter season. If there are any loose, cracked, or missing shingles, have them repaired or replaced. If you notice significant damage or live in a home with an older roof, you may also want to start budgeting for a new roof.

Repair Gates, Fences, and Patios

Since the weather is more enjoyable, you will want to spend more time outdoors. Check your patio and walkways for any problems and repair any cracks or damage. Inspect gates and fences and make any needed repairs, especially if you are a pet owner or have small children.

Spring Home Maintenance: Mulch Flower Beds

As the weather warms, prepare your flower bed by weeding, adding more soil, and spreading mulch. It is often easier to have mulch delivered, so check your local nurseries to see if this is a service they provide. Once your flower beds are prepped, add colorful blooms and greenery.

Pressure Wash Windows and Siding

You have probably been busy spring cleaning the inside of your home. However, the outside also needs some care after a long winter. Clean the windows and pressure wash the siding to remove mold and mildew. This service can be completed by a professional or you can check your local hardware store for products that can be connected to your garden hose if it’s a smaller job.

Have the AC System Inspected as Part of Your Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Prevent air conditioning system breakdowns during summer by having the system serviced in the spring. Your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to operate most efficiently.

With this list of spring home maintenance tasks, you will be on the way to having your house ready for the months ahead. Enjoy the warm weather while you tackle these outdoor projects.

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