A home swimming pool provides the opportunity to bring friends and family together or to spend a quiet, relaxing day on your own. However, it takes effort to keep your pool working and looking its best. Use these tips for swimming pool maintenance to keep your pool in prime condition.

1. Create a Swimming Pool Maintenance Plan

One of the best ways to keep your pool in peak condition is to create a schedule for your swimming pool maintenance tasks. Add them to a calendar app and set reminders so you don’t forget important jobs like changing filters or adding chlorine. Keeping an eye out for upcoming tasks will also remind you to re-stock any supplies that are running low. You don’t want to be out of a needed item when it’s time for swimming pool maintenance.

2. Skim the Water Often

Though skimming may seem tedious, the more often you skim leaves and other debris from your pool, the longer your filtration system can go between cleanings. Skim debris on a daily basis in order to reduce the work that your filters have to do. Leaves and other debris in your pool also feed algae, speeding its growth and adding to your maintenance work over time.

3. Swimming Pool Maintenance Includes Cleaning the Filters

Even if you skim your pool daily, your pool’s filters still need to be dumped out and cleaned. This is an important part of swimming pool maintenance since clogged filter baskets are less effective at removing items like leaves and dead bugs from the water.

4. Keep Normal Water Levels

To keep your pool’s filtration system performing at maximum efficiency, make sure the water in your pool stays at the proper level. When the water level is too high or too low, the pool skimmer won’t function properly and your filter may be damaged.

5. Balance the pH

Most experts recommend testing the pH levels of the water at least once each week. The effectiveness of certain pool chemicals can be compromised if your pool’s pH levels are off. The wrong pH levels make it easier for bacteria to survive in your pool water, potentially leading to skin and eye irritation and sometimes illness.

Keeping Up with Swimming Pool Maintenance

Pools provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. You can get ahead of pool maintenance by scheduling tasks in advance and skimming the surface of your pool for debris regularly.

These five tips for swimming pool maintenance will help you keep your pool clean and safe all summer long.

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