The backyard deck is an extension of your living space, so you want it to be a comfortable, inviting, and attractive place to relax. Let’s look at a few easy ways to upgrade your deck.

Ideas to Inspire You to Upgrade Your Deck

1. Add Comfortable Fabrics

Most deck furniture is built to withstand the elements. While sturdy and long-lasting, they may not always be the most comfortable. Include softer elements to add comfort, style, and color.

For an easy DIY option, cover throw pillows in outdoor fabrics. Take your decor a step further with bench pads and chair cushions. To add warmth and privacy to your deck, add outdoor curtains along one side.

2. Choose a Color Scheme

Color schemes are a primary tool in interior decorating, but it can also apply to your outdoor living areas. Select a color scheme for your deck that’s inviting and lively. If you tend toward neutral tones, choose an accent color to brighten the space.

A fresh coat of paint will make old patio furniture look new again. Wooden furniture can be sanded and re-stained. Metal or wicker pieces are easy to touch up with a can of exterior spray paint. New pillows and textiles in your color scheme will tie the space together.

3. Block Unpleasant Views to Upgrade Your Deck

To block the view of your neighbor’s yard and add privacy, a screen is an easy option. Purchase privacy screens at your local hardware store or build your own. Other options include a vine-covered trellis, tall panels, curtains, and evergreens planted beside the deck.

4. Create Shade

The hot summer sun can make an afternoon on the deck uncomfortable. If you don’t have natural shade, make it yourself. Pergolas offer architectural interest and provide some relief from the sun. You can find plans to build one online or purchase a kit.

A large patio umbrella is perfect for those on a budget. You could also install a sun shade sail to cover part of the deck. They are inexpensive and easy to install.

5. Define the Space with Rugs

A well-placed outdoor rug will make your deck feel like an outdoor room. A rug brings together the color scheme and defines a gathering spot. Put a large rug under your dining table and add a circular one with a couple of chairs to create a cozy conversation area.

6. Add Vertical Interest to Upgrade Your Deck

Decks are flat without walls or vertical space. Add some dimension to the space with vertical elements. A tall planter with an upright-growing plant will create interest in a corner. A post with a hanging basket of flowers adds both color and height.

7. Illuminate the Space

Lighting is a must when it comes to creating an inviting space for family and friends. Gatherings don’t have to end at sunset. Add downward facing lighting around steps and railings for safety. Use uplighting to highlight architectural features like a fountain or potted plants. Post lamps around the deck will illuminate the entire area.

8. Upgrade Your Deck Railing

Deck safety and aesthetics go hand-in-hand. If your deck railing is wobbly, splintering, or loose, it’s time for an upgrade. Replace railings with a wood frame and iron filigree insert. Alternatively, modernize the backyard deck with glass panels between metal posts. Cable deck railing is another great option that can be run vertically or horizontally.

9. Make Multiple Gathering Places

If you have the space, create multiple conversation areas on your deck. The grill becomes a gathering spot when you add stools and a small bar. A dining space can be defined with a rug and a matching set of chairs. A sofa and cozy benches with throw pillows invite people to sit down and visit.

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