A home inspection is critical to the home buying process. A good home inspector can save you tens of thousands of dollars if a serious problem is discovered. Know the questions to ask when hiring a home inspector to make sure that you are choosing a qualified professional.

Hiring a Home Inspector with Experience

The difference between an experienced home inspector and someone who is just starting out is significant. If a home inspector is not experienced, he or she might not have the knowledge to find issues that are not readily apparent. An inspector who has completed thousands of inspections is more likely to provide you with a thorough and accurate report.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Different states vary in their requirements to become a home inspector. Some do not require a license at all. Even if your state does require a license, it is a good idea to ask about any additional certifications that the inspector has received. When an inspector has extra certifications, it means that he or she is participating in continuing education. Since the home inspection industry and the technologies associated with it are constantly evolving, you want an inspector who is staying ahead in the field.

Are You Familiar with Unsafe Building Materials?

Lead-based paint, polybutylene, and Chinese drywall are just a few of the building materials used in older homes that may damage your health and cost a lot of money to remove. It is important for any home inspector to be familiar with materials and building practices that are no longer deemed safe. He or she can then make recommendations about what it would take to remedy the situation.

Hiring a Home Inspector with Special Tools

Home inspectors who use special technologies like aerial drones, infrared cameras, and moisture meters are able to provide a better inspection. Inspectors who don’t invest in this specialized equipment may face some limitations during their inspections. Ask the home inspector which tools and technologies they use during inspections.

Can I See a Sample Report?

When hiring a home inspector, ask if you can view a sample report. This way you will know what type of format and details to expect when you receive your own report. If the sample report does not seem thorough and comprehensive, you might want to continue shopping around.

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