When colder weather arrives, many people abandon their deck, porch, or patio and spend more time indoors to stay warm. If you want to extend your time outdoors, get creative with ways to make the porch cozy. Make your patio or deck more comfortable with these seven ways to warm up your outdoor space.

Install a Windbreak

Adding a wall to your patio or pergola will keep you warmer and protect you from the elements. Build a wall from old pallets or install evergreen trees or shrubs on the windy side of the porch.

Alternatively, block the wind and enclose your patio or porch by hanging heavy waterproof curtains. Thick velvet or canvas curtains are an easy and inexpensive way to warm up your outdoor space and protect you from chilly winter winds.

Add a Fireplace or Fire Pit to Warm up Your Outdoor Space

Spending time around a fireplace is an excellent way to spend quality time with friends and family on a chilly night. Not only will a fireplace provide warmth, but it will also add ambiance to your outdoor space. If you have a large deck or courtyard, a fireplace is a great addition to the area.

Alternatively, if you have a smaller space, purchase a portable fire pit. Metal bowl-style fire pits are affordable and convenient because they can easily be moved around.

Before you buy or build a fire pit, check your local ordinances. Some municipalities and homeowners associations don’t permit wood fire pits, so you may need to purchase a gas one instead.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

The heat generated from an outdoor kitchen will help to make the space warm and cozy. What’s more, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to entertain guests.

To build an outdoor kitchen, you’ll need a food prep surface, a grill, a sink with hot and cold water, and storage space. If your budget permits, you might add other amenities like a pizza oven, refrigerator, and a bar for a more refined outdoor kitchen experience.

Buy a Space Heater to Warm up Your Outdoor Space

If you have a small outdoor space, a space heater is a great option. Not only will a heater warm up your deck, but the electric ones are safe to use in enclosed spaces, like a screened-in porch. Modern space heaters come in various sizes and designs, so you can use them to style your outdoor space. You’ll find free-standing designs and heaters that can be wall-mounted or installed overhead.

Add Blankets

Adding decorative blankets and throw pillows is another excellent way to warm up your outdoor space. Blankets don’t provide as much warmth as fuel-burning options, but they’ll add visual appeal and insulation to your patio furniture.

Add Outdoor Rugs

Like blankets, outdoor rugs contribute to the warmth and visual appeal of outdoor living areas. If your outdoor flooring material doesn’t retain heat well, a rug will come in help cut the chill.

When the temperatures begin to drop, you don’t have to retreat indoors. Warm up your patio, courtyard, or deck using the tips above and maximize the time you spend outdoors.

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